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Salem Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

Fight Your Domestic Abuse Charge: Call (888) 499-8065

Domestic abuse is most commonly known in the form of physical abuse, although it includes verbal or emotional abuse. All types of domestic abuse can have long-lasting impacts, both on victims and those who have been wrongly accused. KRP Law, LLC can provide the representational skills necessary to combat these charges.

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Serious Advocacy for Serious Charges

The penalties for domestic abuse can vary widely depending on the particular crime, and are often associated with other crimes such as assault, battery, sex crimes and even some types of theft crimes. Accusations of domestic violence are taken very seriously due to a heightened social awareness of the crime. Get a former police officer and former prosecutor on your side. Contact me, Salem criminal defense attorney Kevin Prendergast, immediately following your arrest.

What constitutes domestic violence?

According to Massachusetts penal law, domestic violence or domestic abuse is the act of inflicting or attempting to inflict physical harm on a family or household member. Domestic violence can also be defined as inflicting fear of serious imminent harm in the victim or pushing for unconsented sexual relations with someone in your family or household. So who is considered to be a family or household member?

This could mean any of the following:

  • Your current or ex-spouse
  • Someone you are currently living with or have lived with
  • Someone you are blood-related to or related by marriage
  • Someone that you have had children with
  • Someone that you are currently dating or dated in the past

Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer in Salem, MA

KRP Law, LLC is a criminal defense firm that has built a solid reputation for working hard to meet the needs of our many clients throughout Salem. As a former law enforcement officer, I am very familiar with the procedures that law enforcement must adhere to while making an arrest or engaging in an investigation, as well as common mistakes that may jeopardize the integrity of a case. I can play an effective role in your defense, and may be able to compel a jury to minimize your charges or even return a not guilty verdict.

Contact KRP Law, LLC if you have been accused of domestic abuse.

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