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Expungement Attorney in Salem, MA

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We Can Help Clean Up Your Criminal Record

Expungement means setting aside a past conviction and dismissing past charges. In the state of Massachusetts, expungement is not allowed by law; however, criminal records may be sealed. The court has the final decision in whether or not the criminal record may be sealed and your convicted erased from existence.

The main difference between expungement and sealing a record is that in record sealing, the record is not destroyed but it is no longer available to the public. The record may still be available to law enforcement or a court if there is a future arrest. In order to find out whether or not your records may be sealed, speak with a Salem, MA criminal defense attorney.

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Recent Expungement Cases

I recently had a client come to us to help her seal up her criminal record. With a criminal conviction it was too difficult for her to find employment and she was missing out on a lot of future opportunities. My firm was successful in getting her record sealed and she was able to move on with her life without her record hanging over her head. Check out our case results page to read about more of our previous cases. If you have been losing out on potential jobs and future opportunities because of your criminal record, call my office today to find out how expungement could benefit you.

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Having a criminal record that is viewable by the public can be extremely detrimental. A mark on your criminal record can make it difficult to find quality and employment and even a place to live. In today's economy, many people are taking the needed steps to seal their record. I can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to have your record sealed from public view.

As a former prosecutor and former police officer, I have helped many clients to seal their records successfully so that they could move on with their lives without ongoing repercussions. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't let a past arrest haunt you. I understand what the court is looking for and can help you through the record sealing process swiftly and effectively. Contact KRP Law, LLC so that you can find out if your records can be sealed! Call today at (888) 499-8065.

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