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License Suspension Attorney in Salem

RMV Hearings and License Suspension in Salem

In some cases, the court will require that the RMV suspend a person's driver's license as one form of penalty for a criminal conviction. The requirements to reinstate your driver's license will also vary according to the crime and the type of suspension. In general, the more severe the crime, the longer the license suspension will last.

If you are concerned that your driver's license may be suspended, or it already has been suspended or revoked, a skilled Salem criminal defense attorney can help you. I have more than 15 years of criminal defense experience as well as training as a prosecutor and police officer, giving me insights into the legal system from all angles. With KRP Law, LLC, you can be sure you are getting a knowledgeable legal professional. My background and understanding of both sides of the process could be very beneficial if you are at risk of license suspension for OUI or other criminal matter.

Reinstating Your License After a Suspension

Once your suspension period is over, you do not automatically get your driver's license back. You will need to pay a reinstatement fee and face other requirements such as a driver's exam and road test. Reinstatement fees will cost between $50 and $1,200 depending on the offense for which your license was suspended.

If you lost your license due to vehicular homicide or manslaughter, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI), or habitual traffic offender for multiple OUI, you will need to see an RMV hearings officer to get your license back. No matter what the offense, you can count on my firm to move into action to help you get back behind the wheel legally.

Seek Legal Counsel from a Trusted Salem License Suspension Attorney

The best way to sidestep a driver's license suspension is to avoid a conviction altogether. Doing so is more likely with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Salem who has a thorough knowledge of traffic offenses and how to defeat them in court. Read my attorney profile to better understand my qualifications, or you can contact my office today to start moving forward with your case.

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