Track Record of Success in Salem, MA

I am prepared to fight vigorously to protect your rights and to help you get a full dismissal or reduction of your charges. I have a long history of successful case results for clients.
    • Assault & Battery Case Dismissed
    • Assault & Battery Charges Dropped

      Client was charged in four separate cases with numerous assault and battery charges against an ex-girlfriend. Client was facing serious jail time. I conducted my own investigation into the ex-girlfriend and found that she had made a number of false allegations against other men in the past. I was able to prove this to the prosecutor and today, on the day of trial, the prosecutor dropped all of the charges against my client because of the evidence I had come up with regarding the ex-girlfriend's history of filing false charges.

    • Assault & Battery With a Dangerous Weapon Cases Dismissed

      My client was facing two different serious charges of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. Both cases were dismissed on back-to-back days.

    • Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon Case Dismissed
    • Attempt to Commit Armed Robbery Charge Dismissed
    • Attempted Murder Dismissed

      My client was facing charges of Attempted Murder. The charges were reduced to simple assault and battery and, eventually, dismissed.

    • Breaking & Entering

      Case generally continued for 1 year - if client stays out of trouble for next year, case will be dismissed.

    • Distribution Case Dismissed

      "Possession with intent to distribute a Class A (heroin) drug in a school zone"

    • Domestic Assault & Battery Case Dismissed
    • Domestic Assault & Battery Case Dismissed
    • Domestic Assault & Battery charge Case Dismissed
    • Domestic Assault and Battery Case Dismissed
    • Domestic Violence Probation

      Client was facing a potentially lengthy jail sentence on two charges of domestic violence. The client was able to avoid jail time and instead received probation.

    • Drug Possession Case Dismissed

      Got the case dismissed which kept the clients record clean and helped them avoid mandatory 1 year loss of license.

    • Elderly Abuse Not Guilty
    • Expungement

      Able to get client's record sealed, which will make it easier for her to get jobs and take advantage of other opportunities in the future.

    • Indecent Assault and Battery Not Guilty

      Client charged with Indecent Assault and Battery. Facing a long jail sentence and having to register as a sex offender. Took the case to jury trial and client was found Not Guilty.

    • Kidnapping Charges Dismissed

      Client charged with Kidnapping and Assault with Intent to Rape. Charges first reduced to Assault and Battery and then dismissed outright.

    • Leaving the scene of an accident No Complaint Issued

      Client had a clerk-magistrate's hearing on whether a complaint should be issued charging him with leaving the scene of an accident. - Convinced clerk not to issue the complaint, saving client substantial time, money and issues with the RMV as well as keeping his record clean.

    • License Suspension License Restored

      Successfully appealed RMV decision to deny client a hardship license. He can now get his license back and will be able to work and take care of sick family members.

    • OUI-L License Restored

      After being arrested and blowing more than twice the legal limit on the Breathalyzer test - The client was able to get their license back in just days.

    • OUI-L Not Guilty

      OUI-L - My client was arrested after traveling the wrong way on a highway and subsequently failing a Field Sobriety Test. After a 2-day trial my client was found not guilty despite the testimony from 4 offices indicating they felt the client was intoxicated.

    • Possession of a Loaded Handgun Stopped Deportation Proceedings

      My client was previous represented by another attorney regarding this charge and had been convicted. Based on this conviction, it included a felony on his record and he was facing almost certain deportation. After taking over the case, to appeal the conviction, I was able to have the judge allow a new trial motion, effectively throwing out the conviction, retracting the felony from his record and putting a stop to any deportation proceedings.

    • Possession of Heroin, Subsequent Offense Case Dismissed

      Client charged with Possession of Heroin, Subsequent Offense – Successfully argued motion to dismiss, case dismissed

    • Possession with Intent to Distribute Case Dismissed

      Client was facing drug distribution charges involving Marijuana in a school zone. The client was facing a 2-year mandatory minimum sentence. We managed to have the case dismissed.

    • Stalking Not Guilty

      "Stalking and Threats charges"