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Drugs have been a persistent problem in America for many years. The penalties for convicted drug crimes such as possession or distribution in Massachusetts can range anywhere from a misdemeanor to many years in prison with substantial fines and even driver's license suspension. Hiring a tough lawyer to protect your rights and freedom might be the single most important decision you make at this very difficult time in your life.

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Law enforcement officials and prosecutors value arrests for drug crimes due to the highly-public War on Drugs. As these arrests and convictions are so faithfully pursued by law enforcement at both the state and federal levels, a number of different errors, both innocent and intentional, may be committed that can put an entire prosecutor's case into question.

Knowing the law is extremely important when searching for weak points in the prosecution's case. This is why it is so crucial to enlist the support of a Salem criminal defense attorney who understands the law as well as law enforcement. As a former prosecutor as well as a former police officer, I am able to provide my clients with this perspective.

Drug Schedules in Massachusetts

Schedule 1: These drugs are considered to be at high risk for abuse and they are considered to be more dangerous. Schedule 1 drugs include:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Peyote
  • Methaqualone

Schedule 2: These drugs are still considered high risk for abuse and dependency, but there is less risk than with Schedule 1 drugs. These drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Methadone
  • OxyContin
  • Adderall
  • Ritalin

Schedule 3: These are drugs that have a moderate to low risk of abuse and dependence. These include:

  • Vicodin
  • Tylenol with Codeine
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Testosterone

Schedule 4: These drugs all have a low risk of psychological and physical dependence. Some common Schedule 4 drugs include:

  • Ambien
  • Xanax
  • Darvon
  • Valium
  • Ativan

Schedule 5: These drugs include a very low dose of certain narcotics and they are used for several common purposes. Examples of Schedule 5 drug include:

  • Robitussin AC
  • Lyrica
  • Lomotil
  • Motofen
  • Parepectolin

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My name is Attorney Prendergast. As the founder of KRP Law, LLC, I am proud to say that my firm works hard to keep our clients satisfied. I expect a lot from myself when I am working toward the freedom of a client, because I expect my clients to hold me accountable for the role I play in their defense. I have a real depth of knowledge about how law enforcement approaches suspects, how investigations are carried out, how evidence is gathered and even which mistakes most commonly impact the outcome of a case.

I am aggressive in court and can represent your case in a compelling way. I am dedicated to the success of each and every client, and look forward to providing clients with the same benefits and success in court for many years to come. I serve clients in Salem, Lynn and throughout Essex County, so call KRP Law, LLC at (888) 499-8065 today to schedule a case evaluation!

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