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If you are in danger of losing your liberty due to a probation violation, talk to a Salem, MA criminal defense lawyer. I am Attorney Kevin Prendergast and I am committed to helping my clients stay out of jail. I can work within the criminal justice system to help you fight to avoid being incarcerated.

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In section 149 of Massachusetts law, a person out on parole or on probation is said to have a permit to be at liberty. Permits are revoked if the person violates the conditions of the probation or is convicted of any new crimes. If this permit is revoked, the parole board will order the arrest of the person holding the permit and they will be returned to the original jail or prison where they will serve out the remainder of the original sentence.

There are many types of issues that can be a violation of probation, such as:

  • Operating a motor vehicle if you were arrested for a DUI
  • Not reporting in to your probation officer at the scheduled times
  • Failing to pay a fine within the time limits
  • Not paying the administrative fees for your probation on time
  • Driving a motor vehicle directly following your OUI/DUI conviction
  • Breaking a protected order after being convicted of domestic violence
  • Possession, Distributing or Manufacturing illegal drugs after being convicted of a drug crime
  • Failing a drug or alcohol chemical test while on probation
  • Not attending your court-mandated alcohol/drug treatment program
  • Getting charged for a subsequent criminal offense while on probation for a previous crime
  • Failing to check in with your probation officer
  • Not staying away from a spouse if you were convicted of domestic abuse

Remember that you are still required to obey all the terms and conditions of your probation/parole even when you have a probation violation hearing pending. This means that you should still be checking in with your probation officer as scheduled.

Tough Defense From a Former Police Officer & Prosecutor

According to section 149, the warrant for violation can be withdrawn by the board at any time. If you are having troubles with your probation officer or have been served with a warrant, call KRP Law, LLC at (888) 499-8065 immediately. As a former police officer and prosecutor, I am well acquainted with how this system works and I can take immediate action to fight to get the warrant withdrawn or the penalties minimized.

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