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Salem RMV Hearing Lawyer

How does an RMV hearing work?

If you have been convicted of certain offenses, you may face a Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) hearing. This hearing will determine whether your drivers' license should be suspended or revoked.

There are a variety of different charges that may result in an RMV hearing, such as:

Many drivers are not even aware that RMV hearings exist. They may not be properly prepared to defend their rights and keep their license. I can help. My name is Attorney Kevin Prendergast and I am an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salem. I understand the RMV process and can provide invaluable guidance and insight to you in your hearing.

Defend Your Driving Privileges in Massachusetts

RMV hearings do not follow the same guidelines as criminal trials. RMV hearings consider documentation related to the offense itself along with other factors before making a decision. These decisions are not made by a jury, and are instead decided by a panel. Potential consequences of an RMV hearing include license suspension and revocation. A skilled attorney may be able to negotiate for certain exceptions.

Why Choose a Former Prosecutor?

There are serious advantages to having a defense lawyer who has former prosecution experience. I have been in the courtroom and sat in the prosecution's shoes. I know their strategies firsthand. No one has a better understanding of both sides of the criminal justice system.

Not only that, but I also have former police officer experience. I have made arrests and my background knowledge of evidence and arrest procedure could mean the difference between a conviction and a case dismissal. Combined with over 20 years of criminal defense experience, my experience comes full circle. I can put my knowledge and past experience to work for you!

Don't wait. Call KRP Law, LLC today!

KRP Law, LLC provides high-quality representation to clients involved in RMV hearings stemming from traffic offenses or other criminal offenses. My firm has a record of success in negotiating occupational licenses for the clients who need them, and can even provide representation so compelling that your hearing is dismissed without consequence. We proudly serve clients in Salem, Lynn and throughout Essex County.

If you may be the subject of an RMV hearing due to a recent conviction, contact an attorney who can represent you successfully.

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